Prepare and excel in boards as well as JEE /NEET with ease

Understanding the complexity a student faces in balancing the Competitive Exam and Board Exam Preparation, Winners’ Academy came out with a program to take care of both the patterns without adding any stress and burden on the student.

The classes are conducted by our extremely competent faculty who guide the student from the very basics to the application based higher level competitive exam questions in the very same class. This ensures the momentum of the learning process of the student is maintained, thus leaving more time for effective self study with the child. Since there is complete harmony in the portions being dealt at the board and competitive exam level, it ensures the childs’ study goes on in a synchronized manner without any jugglery of portion mismatch as different fronts.

Separate Study materials, work sheets and Test series for both the patterns will be provided exclusively across the two academic sessions.

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COURSE STRUCTURE : As per the syllabus prescribed for NEET / JEE

SUBJECTS : Biology, Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry

SCHEDULE : Two hour class per subject twice a week

FEATURES : Stress on concepts for a sound foundation. Mock tests & extensive practice through sample worksheets, Model tests and previous year question papers are done at the end of the course for a better performance in NEET / JEE. Exclusive Test Series for Board pattern.